Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours--Kristina Springer

Title: My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours
Author: Kristina Springer
Publisher: Farrar Strauss Giroux, 2010
Pages: 180p
Source: Library

Tori and Sienna have been best friends for a long time but when Sienna's father does really well in the stock market and they leave for summer vacation, their relationship changes. The summer begins well enough but pretty soon Sienna has stopped e-mailing Tori and she feels left behind. She begins seventh grade not knowing whether or not she even still has a best friend. When she sees Sienna in school she's even more unsure--Sienna looks completely different, tan and with beautiful long blonde hair, and going on and on about her new boyfriend Antonio. Tori is sure that Sienna is making up Antonio so she makes up her own pretend boyfriend to compete with him. Funny hijinks ensue.

This book is definitely on the younger side of YA, but it's a nice quick funny read. The girls HAVE to be in 7th grade because who else but a 7th grader would make up a boyfriend? Kristina Springer's depiction of 7th grade girls is SPOT ON. They are all boy crazy but without any real experience. In addition to the funny antics, there are some real lessons about friendship and being true to oneself. It's a good book to choose to lead into a discussion about identity and changing yourself to fit in. At first glance it's just a fun lighthearted book, but it's a good book discussion group selection because it prompts conversation about deeper issues. I don't think a boy would be caught anywhere near this book, but middle school girls will probably clamor for it.
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