Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adventures of Blue Avenger--Norma Howe

From the Vault
This review was originally written--handwritten no less--in October 1999 before the Age of Blogs. I'm not editing it at all because I don't believe in tampering with history. For other old reviews, click on the "From the Vault" tag.

Title: Adventures of Blue Avenger
Author: Norma Howe
genre: Humor; Fiction
Subjects: free will/determinism; choices; heroes; family

Summary: 16 year old David Schumacher decides to change his name to Blue Avenger on his birthday. When he becomes Blue, he transforms into a hero and is able to do good deeds and save his friends. 

Critique: Very well written, it looks at serious subjects, grief, free will/determinism, and makes them funny without mocking them. 

Recommendation: Yes

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