Thursday, October 28, 2010

Look for Me by Moonlight--Mary Downing Hahn

From the Vault
This review was originally written--handwritten no less--in August 1999 before the Age of Blogs. I'm not editing it at all because I don't believe in tampering with history. For other old reviews, click on the "From the Vault" tag.

Title: Look for Me by Moonlight
Author: Mary Downing Hahn
Genre: horror; supernatural
Subjects: vampires, ghosts, family, mind control

Summary: 16 year old Cynda feels lonely and unwanted when she moves in with her father and his new wife and child. Then a mysterious older man stays at the inn with them and pays special attention to her. "Ill come to you by moonlight" was the secret message hidden in the scrabble board. But was it "I'll" or "Ill"? Cynda wonders and you will too.

Critique: The book slowly builds to its climax, we are swept away with Cynda as Vincent tells her what she wants to hear. Once it's clear what Vincent really wants, the books becomes truly scary as we see how much control he has over Cynda. 

Recommendation: Yes.******
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