Thursday, September 23, 2010

YA Authors You Need to Read: Ally Carter

This article first appeared on the examiner on August 18, 2010. 
Sometimes you need to read a book that is just pure fun. When that happens turn to Ally Carter. Carter was born in Oklahoma and attended Oklahoma State University and Cornell University. She worked in the agricultural field for several years before dedicating herself to writing full time. Carter is the author of the popular “Gallagher Girls” series and a new series called “Heist Society.” Her books are fun to read, full of adventure, and feature strong female main characters.
The Gallagher Academy is supposed to be a private school for girl geniuses but they teach something far more deadly than advanced trigonometry. The school is actually training girls to be spies. Cammie Morgan is one of those girls in “I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have to Kill You” the first book in the Gallagher Girls series. Cammie is the daughter of spies and spying comes naturally to her, but she finds that she’s out of her element when she meets a boy—a regular boy—and tries to have a regular relationship with him. But when you’re a Gallagher Girl, regular doesn’t exist. Cammie is a teenage girl with typical problems in a highly atypical setting. Carter’s novel is funny, exciting and the perfect light-hearted read when you’re sunning yourself on a beach at the end of the summer.
Other Books (for teens)
“Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy” (Goddess Librarian review )
“Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover”
“Only the Good Spy Young”
“Heist Society”
You can find more information about Ally Carter at her website and myspace and follow her on twitter.

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