Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pretty Dead--Francesca Lia Block

I read this book quite a few months ago. I'm a Francesca Lia Block fan and a vampire book fan and had high hopes for this book. Unfortunately I was disappointed and thought about not reviewing it here at all. I don't know why I've turned into a softie...

Charlotte Emerson is a vampire. She's posing as a high school student and has developed a close friendship with a girl named Emma and her boyfriend. Emma has some baggage of her own and decides to commit suicide. Charlotte is devastated, as is her boyfriend Jared, so naturally they start flirting with one another. Along the way we learn about Charlotte's history and her transformation as a vampire and her connection with a mysterious vampire William. In the one original part of the story, Charlotte begins to turn human again.

I wanted to like this book, but it felt very much like Block (or her publisher/agent/editor/neighbor) said "hey, you should write a vampire book! Everyone else is!" and so, without having a real story, she wrote one. It doesn't feel like a Block book. Not that every book an author writes needs to be the same, but most authors who have written many books start to have an identifiable "feel" to them. A discerning reader doesn't need to see the author page. This book didn't have the Block feel. It felt like it was rushed to get out there while vampires were still popular with the masses (vampires will always be popular with certain readers. "Twilight" was NOT the first vampire book ever written or published.)

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