Monday, February 27, 2006

Lucky T--Kate Brian

I started this book and haven't finished it. It's not bad, it just wasn't enough to keep me riveted when I had a million other things to do. Carrie's mom sends her favorite lucky t-shirt to charity in a foreign country and Carrie's luck ends. Her boyfriend breaks up with her, she fights with her best friend, and decides she needs to do anything to get that t-shirt back.

Perhaps someday I'll finish and find out if she gets her t-shirt back.
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Anonymous said...

I think Lucky-T is a great book and i could not put it down. I am 13 years old and could relate to some of Carries feelings. The book felt truthful and you should finish it!

Anonymous said...

I agree! I am reading it also and it can relate to us very well!! Im at the part where she is at Celia's house crying about her t-shirt and Doreen is learning India language..its hilarious!

Anonymous said...

It good. Corny.
I have to do a project on it which is not fun :(

Anonymous said...

I love this book. I am up to the part where Carie is at Celia's house and she hears Doreen learning an Indian language.
I can't wait to see what happens because who wouldn't want to know what happens next.
The only bad part was when her boyfriend broke up with her because it was very predictable.

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