Monday, August 02, 2004

On Becoming Babywise--Gary Ezzo

I'm not really reviewing this book, I just thought it would be funny to pretend to... Although I suppose you can say I haven't really been reviewing the last few books either (proper grammar and sentence structure is just so hard now). I did finish the Babywise book though. And like all of the other pregnancy and baby books I've been reading, it's about half and half as far as usefulness goes--some of it is really good and some of it is just bull.

I've been somewhat disappointed with the top shelf submissions. I think the publishers are all on drugs or just don't care. The list is Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Students. FICTION. MIDDLE SCHOOL. What part of that is confusing? I've been getting nonfiction. I've been getting books clearly meant for elementary school readers. Or high school readers. Ugh. Maybe it's good, it's giving me the time to read all these silly baby books, but I'm afraid when the deadline comes for my list I'm going to have a hard time coming up with 30 books!

Reading: So many to choose from...
On My Nightstand:
Birth your way by Kitzinger, Sheila.
Blue Fingers : a ninja's tale by Whitesel, Cheryl Aylward.
Doing It by Burgess, Melvin.
Husband-coached childbirth by Bradley, Robert A.
Natural Childbirth the Bradley way by McCutcheon, Susan.
On becoming birth wise by Ezzo, Anne Marie.
Pirates! by Rees, Celia.
Sister Slam and the poetic motormouth roadtrip by High, Linda Oatman.
Summer Secrets by Hermes, Patricia.


Anonymous said...

Yo, chica. Those baby/pregnancy books can do a number on ya. I "lost" my copy of "What To Exect When You're Expecting" when they compared eating chocolate during pregnancy to smoking crack WRT its harmfulness. Ezzo babies are supposedly "well trained," but I never bought into the notion that babies can actually be trained. Kitzinger is sometimes good, but sometimes unrealistic (as is Dr. Sears). Hope you're feel good! ~ Ayanna

Anonymous said...

I've got to disagree with the half-good/half-bull assessment of Ezzo's Babywise. Sure, half of it *does* sound common-sensical. But it is completely unfounded medically, and Ezzo uses lousy logic (buy clever persuasion) to make his points. I recommend skimming through for more on Babywise.


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