Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Exiled: Memoirs of a Camel -- Kathleen Karr

The United States Camel Corp drafts young camel Ali, shipping him from Egypt to Texas in 1856 where he has many adventures until the Civil War forces the program to end.

I would never pick this book up on my own and once again I would have missed out! It's unique, told from the point of view of a camel. Well-written and interesting, it's good for independent reading as well as classroom use. An author's note at the end explains how it's based on a true story.
Reading: um, I don't know yet. Besides snippets of the tons of I'm having a baby and it has to get out of me one way or the other books that I have.

On My Nightstand: Birth your way by Kitzinger, Sheila.
Blue Fingers : a ninja's tale by Whitesel, Cheryl Aylward.
Doing It by Burgess, Melvin.
Husband-coached childbirth by Bradley, Robert A.
Natural Childbirth the Bradley way by McCutcheon, Susan.
On becoming babywise. Book one by Ezzo, Gary.
On becoming birth wise by Ezzo, Anne Marie.
Pirates! by Rees, Celia.
Sister Slam and the poetic motormouth roadtrip by High, Linda Oatman.
Summer Secrets by Hermes, Patricia.

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