Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Messenger--Lois Lowry

Those of you who've read The Giver and Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry will not be disappointed with her latest installment, Messenger. Messenger ties both novels together--the Leader in Messenger's world is from The Giver, and Matty and Kira are from Gathering Blue. This new book is set in a different village, in a time not long after Gathering Blue takes place.
The basic premise is that there's a new utopian village where people are treated nicely and everybody has a role in society and a "true name." Naturally, something starts to go wrong--people start trading their souls for material goods, the forbidden forest becomes evil, and the once-welcoming villagers want to build a wall and not let anymore foreigners in. It's up to Matty to save the day.

I enjoyed this book. I know some people wanted more of a link with the Giver and wanted more questions answered, but this wasn't Jonas' story. It was Matty's story. It does answer the big question from the Giver (did Jonas survive?).

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On My Nightstand: Truth About Forever--Dessen (which has been there forever)

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