Friday, January 14, 2011

Goddesslibrarian is on the eBook bandwagon

FYI, I couldn't wait anymore. We bought an iPad so I can facebook twitter goof off read eBooks! I've downloaded Bluefire so I can read library eBooks and I've signed up for NetGalley so I can start requesting galleys. I'm trying to finish up my current library reads before I request anything though.

If you are a publisher who has been just waiting for me to get in the eBook game, I'm in it.

No, I'm not reading Treasure Island.

I'm an Amazon Associate now. If you click on the Amazon links & buy anything I might make a tiny bit of money.

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Ottilie Weber said...

Hey!! I hope everything with your book is going well!! I nominated you for an award!! check my blog out to see it!!

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