Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lord Sunday--Garth Nix

I read this in April. I know this, because I wrote my review for the examiner in April. The review that I am going to copy and paste and put right here:

Title: "Lord Sunday"
Keys to the Kingdom series
Author: Garth Nix
Publisher: Scholastic Press, NY 2010
320 Pages

Garth Nix has finished his seven book Keys to the Kingdom series with the shocking conclusion "Lord Sunday."

"Lord Sunday" picks up where the cliff-hanging "Superior Saturday" leaves off with Arthur battling Saturday, Sunday, the Piper, and the Nothing that is destroying the House all while trying to hold on to the final speck of his humanity. As in the previous books Arthur’s main task is to find the lost Will and the special Key, but this task is more daunting since it is the last part of the Will and the most powerful Key that he must find in order to claim his place as Rightful Heir to the Architect and restore the Kingdom. Arthur is more powerful than ever and is no longer a mortal human, but even he needs help to accomplish this task.

Nix’s fans will not be disappointed in his final installment to the epic series. There are no loose threads—the fates of Suzy Turquoise Blue, Leaf, and the rest of Arthur’s friends and family are nicely wrapped up. The last chapters are mind-blowing and heart wrenching. Arthur must sacrifice everything if he chooses to save the Kingdom—and the people he loves—from oblivion. Readers waiting for answers to the big questions of the series will find them in "Lord Sunday. "

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