Saturday, October 04, 2008

Breaking Dawn--Stephanie Meyer

I don't think Meyer will ever be able to match what she had with Twilight. I enjoyed New Moon and then the series started to lose it with Eclipse. And now we have Breaking Dawn. Twilight was just so GOOD. Breaking Dawn is, well, okay.

I read it quickly because I wanted to see how it all ended. I liked it better than most of my friends did. But there were problems. I'm not sure how I can go into them without spoiling the book. Let's just say the major plot points of this book felt like a cop-out to me. It felt like she didn't have a vision when she started the series, didn't anticipate the success, and she was grasping at straws at the end.

I enjoyed the book in the sense that I had heard so many negative things about it from my friends, that I thought it was going to royally suck. And when it didn't suck, I was pleasantly surprised. I think it's a must-read to conclude the series, but it's a bit disappointing.

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Lauren Elizabeth said...

Actually, Meyer states that she wrote the plot for Breaking Dawn before New Moon and Eclipse really took form. She eventually had to reshape Breaking Dawn to fit with the new plots that developed in New Moon and Eclipse. It is true, as you say, that she really didn't write with a final vision in mind, but who really does when they are just writing for writings sake. I know I don't. I never know if what I'm writing will actually become anything fruitful, or not. I do agree that Breaking Dawn does have some major cop-out plot points and the final deus ex machina really takes the cake. Still, it was my favorite, but I'm one for cheese. Lay it on thick, please.

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