Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nailed--Patrick Jones

Title: Nailed
Author: Patrick Jones
Pages: 216 p.
Publisher: Walker
ISBN: 0802780776

I read this a while ago for the teen book group and just haven't had a chance to get a review up. Consequently the details are a little fuzzy. The core plot of the book is Brett's abuse at school by the rich jocks who think he's a freak. The subplot, but more important aspect of the story, is Brett's relationship with his father, who also thinks he's a freak and doesn't understand him at all. By the end of the story the abuse has reached its climax and is the catalyst for Brett and his father to find some common ground.

This book prompted a really good discussion, something that doesn't happen often in our teen book group, about high school and cliques and stereotypes. At our local high school the cliques aren't so clearly drawn--the cool kids aren't necessarily the jocks. And everybody makes fun of everybody. They all seem to bully each other. The girls didn't like the book as much as librarians have, but it certainly sparked a really good discussion.

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