Friday, September 15, 2006

Across the Wall--Garth Nix

Title: Across the Wall: A Tale of the Abhorsen and Other Stories
Author: Garth Nix
Pages: 305 p.
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 0060747137

This is a collection of short stories that are either new--like Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in the Case--or previously published--like most of the others. I only read the first one, the only Tale of the Abhorsen, Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in the Case.

Those of you that remember the Abhorsen series, will remember Nicholas Sayre as Sam's friend. This story is told from his perspective. He's back in Ancelstierre but yearns to go back to the Old Kingdom and see Sam and Lirael. He's given his chance when a mysterious free magic creature escapes from Ancelstierre and goes on a murderous rampage, heading for the Old Kingdom. Only Nick knows what the creature is and attempts to warn Lirael.

I liked the story, I liked reading Nick's side of things, but the very end was way too short. I wanted more between Nick and Lirael. I understand that this was just a story, and it was Nick's story of the creature, not a Lirael-Nick story, and I guess it's a good thing that I was left wanting more. But I really really hope I get more someday...

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abigailew said...

I felt exactly the same way. The ending was too chaste for my liking. I feared afterward that I had imagined the connection there and went searching for some kind of evidence of it to make sure. At least with Sabriel and Touchstone it was more satisfying. The story overall was exciting and left you wanting more, but in the sad way.

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