Thursday, September 29, 2005

Before Wings--Beth Goobie

Fifteen year old Adrien is barely recovering from her brain aneurysm 2 years earlier when she is sent to work at her aunt's summer camp. Adrien is constantly waiting for another aneurysm to kill her and spends most of her time being bitter and grumpy and feeling trapped between the real world and a spirit world. She meets a boy--Paul--who also has a connection to the spirit world and eventually decides she wants to be part of the living world.

This book had a lot of potential--I really liked the idea of a girl trapped between two worlds. I liked Adrien's attraction to Paul. I liked Paul. But it seemed like it fizzled at the end. There was a great buildup that led to a disappointing finish. I was expecting more at the climax and the resolution afterwards. It seemed like Goobie gave up, like she didn't know where she wanted to go with the story.

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