Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Manny -- Sarah L. Thomson

An entertaining diversionary read, I picked this up because my sister was a nanny in the Hamptons and I thought it would amuse me. It mostly did. It's kind of fluffy, which is not what I usually read, but it's what I needed at the moment so it all worked out well. The main character (is his name Josh? It could be, I don't really remember) is a male nanny out in the Hamptons so he can pick up girls. He learns that there's more to life than picking up girls and there's more to being a nanny than just taking the kid to the park.

It was a light quick read, girls would probably like it more than boys even though the main character is a boy. It's good for middle schoolers, and although the main character is obsessed with girls, the romance never passes the kissing stage.

Reading: Talk--Kathe Koja; The Power Broker--Robert A. Caro
On My Nightstand: Before Wings--Beth Goobie

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