Friday, January 15, 2016

Paladin Prophecy--Mark Frost

Title: The Paladin Prophecy
Author: Mark Frost
Publisher: Random House, 2012
Pages: 560 p.
Source: Library e-book
Compensation: None
Read: August 2015

Mark Frost's The Paladin Prophecy
Will West is an average kid living in an average town. His parents have worked VERY hard to make sure he is just average and does not excel at anything, whether it be academics or athletics. When Will takes a national standardized exam and accidentally aces it, he begins to understand his parents odd demands. He is instantly courted by an exclusive prep school and is followed by strange men in black sedans. His parents begin acting strangely and he quickly learns his only chance at safety is to enroll in the mysterious prep school. While there he uncovers a lot more than he ever expected.

This is an entertaining read that fans of supernatural stories, as well as spy stories, will both respond to. It's fun to read and hard to put down.

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