Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Beauty That Remains, The--Ashley Woodfolk

Title: The Beauty That Remains
Author: Ashley Woodfolk
Publisher: Random House Children’s Books, 2018.
Pages: 336 p.
Source: VOYA
Compensation: none
Read: November 2017

Told from three different points of view The Beauty That Remains is an emotional examination of loss and grief. Autumn mourns her best friend Tavia who died in a car crash after leaving a party that Autumn decided not to attend. Guilt complicates Autumn’s grief since she chose to spend the evening with Tavia’s older brother Dante. Both Autumn and Dante lament not being with Tavia to prevent her from driving in icy conditions. Shay feels lonely and devastated since her twin sister Sasha died of leukemia. Frequent panic attacks make it difficult for Shay to continue her hobby as a music blogger. Logan is a songwriter who cannot write songs since his ex-boyfriend committed suicide. He drowns his sorrows in alcohol and obsessively watches his ex’s vlogs searching for clues. Autumn, Shay and Logan are connected not only by their overwhelming loss, but also by the band Unraveling Lovely. Dante, Logan, and Shay’s friend Rohan are all former members of the band that Shay and her sister managed until they dramatically broke up. When Shay decides to plan a reunion of Unraveling Lovely, the three teens are able to take their first steps toward healing. 

The Beauty That Remains is a gut wrenching tear jerker that teens are sure to love. Although the chapters alternate with the three different perspectives, the characters still feel developed and real. Frequent mentions of alcohol, drugs, sex, and adult language make this more appropriate for mature readers.


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