Saturday, April 04, 2009

Starclimber--Kenneth Oppel

This is the sequel to Airborn and Skybreaker. It is just as good as the first two.

Matt Cruse is still in the Air Academy and hoping to land a job as an officer on an airship and work his way up to captain so he can seriously compete for Kate's affection and win the approval of her parents. While on break from school both he and Kate are invited to take part in a brand new adventure--in space. After a grueling 2-week training camp, Matt is ready to embark on the very first mission to space, but not without some hesitation as he has just learned that Kate is engaged.

The entire book is exciting and thrilling. As expected things don't quite go as planned and what started out as a simple mission to space turns into a race for their lives. Along the way we learn Kate's true motives and intentions.

This is a great blend of fantasy, adventure and romance. A must read for fans of the series.

Stravaganza: City of Secrets--Mary Hoffman

The Stravaganza series was supposed to be a trilogy. I am so glad Hoffman decided to go for more. As with the first three books there is a new protagonist, a new stravagante who travels between our world and the alternate world of Talia.

Matt is dyslexic and insecure in our world, but once he travels to Talia he is able to read with no problems. He discovers the other stravaganti in his world--Georgia and Sky and Nick--as well as the ones in Talia. Readers will be happy to see Luciano and Arianna return as well.

The entire series is a wonderful fantasy with a historical feel to it. It could spark an interest in the history of Italy--on which Talia is based--and the real people and places that inspired the series. A must read for any fan of the series.

Revolutionary Road--Richard Yates

This is not a teen book so I'm not really reviewing it. I'm just putting it here in case I ever forget that I read it and make the horrible mistake of reading it again. Which would be a pity because there are so many good books for me to read. (I read it for my mom's book group. I'm not leaving YA lit behind...)

Guinevere's Gift--Nancy McKenzie

This is book one in the Chrysalis Queen Quartet. I will not be reading book 2.

Guinevere is 13 years old and a tomboy living with her uncle and aunt since the death of her parents. There is a prophecy that she will grow to be the highest lady in the land but nobody takes it seriously, least of all Guinevere. Her aunt, the Queen, is jealous of the prophecy nonetheless and tries to advance her own daughter and hold Guinevere back.

I love Arthurian legend and usually enjoy anything even remotely related to it, but I just couldn't get into this book. It took me a long time to read it and even longer to be able to post about it.

Young tween girls would probably enjoy it, but the true Arthurian fan won't find anything new or special here.

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