Friday, December 03, 2010

Giveaway: Real Live Boyfriends by E. Lockhart

You all read me gush about E. Lockhart's latest Real Live Boyfriends right (the ARC I won that's not out until December 28!)? At first I thought I'd give it away, and then I thought NO! It's mine! LOVES! MINE. And then I lent it to a friend and then I realized that I couldn't keep the goodness just for myself.

So, I'm passing it on to you!

1. Live in the US. If you don't, please don't comment. I use to pick a number so if there are non-qualifying comments it gets messed up...
2. Leave me a comment telling me the most embarrassing thing you've done in the name of love. 

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You have until Friday, December 10, 2010 to enter. A winner will be chosen using on December 11. If the winner doesn't contact me me by December 14, I'll pick a new winner. So make sure you check back here on the 11th. 

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Unknown said...

Well, my story is not so much embarrassing as it is humiliating. When I was 16, I finally got up the nerve and told a guy I loved him, and he proceeded to tell me that he loved my sister. I cried...a lot.

Sad story over.

I follow this blog through my google reader, and I also "like" your Facebook page.

Ariel Wilson said...

I was showing off in front of my crush one time, and I was wearing jeans that were too big on me and they FELL OFF. I was mortified.


Ariel Wilson said...

I'm a follower.


Ariel Wilson said...

I like your FB page.


LunaMoth said...

My story is:
I was with my boyfriend and he was showing me wrestling moves (like WWF) and he asked if he could do one on me, i said sure because i trusted him, well.. he did it and in front of all his friends my shirt rode up so much my bra was showing!

Christine said...

I asked my best guy friend out, he said maybe and I went around telling my friends I was dating him. He texted me two days later and said no...telling everyone it wasn't really happening was the hardest thing I had to do.

Christine said...

I follow this blog!

Deserae said...

The most horrible thing I did in the name of love was to slap a guy who was picking on my fourth grade crush, only to be shunned because it wasn't cool for girls to be stronger than boys. Yes, Tyler Perkins, I was tougher than you, and if you were okay with that I might not have spread rumors about you in grade five.

-Deserae M.

AwesomeNiks said...

I was playing soccer with a bunch of people (including my crush, but it wasn't love. Can this still count?!)

Well I wanted to show off my "skills" so I kicked the ball really hard. Too bad I kicked it straight at his groin, and he fell straight to the ground in pain.

Most embarrassing day ever. I knew then it would never work out, because I'm pretty sure that is not a memory someone wants to relive every time they see their girlfriend.

AwesomeNiks said...

I'm a follower of this blog! (Name: Nicole L) :D

AwesomeNiks said...

Following on Twitter (WSweetB)!!!! :D That's actually how I found you, through E. Lockhart's twitter post :D

AwesomeNiks said...

I also twittered about it!!/WSweetB/status/10834996751245312

Gabrielle G said...

most embrassing thing I did in the name of love... carried a mistletoe a whole day so I can kiss my crush.

Jodi said...

Oh goodness, just one? I flat out kissed a boy I was friends with but wanted to date. He was sweet and shy and backed off our friendship for a bit. When he saw I was ok and still wanted to be friends and stopped acting all doe-eyed, our friendship was fine.

Jodi said...

Following you on Twitter


Jodi said...

I already follow your blog : )

Rachel said...

This one crosses the border from embarrassing to humiliating, but I'll still share, since it was so long ago. :)

I was in the seventh grade, in 1987. (Yes, I am old. Yes, I love YA.) I had a medium-to-large-sized crush on a boy who I kind of knew was not really very nice, but when you're thirteen... ugh. So. Not-very-nice boy began to show interest in me and I was over the moon! He asked me to write him a letter that told why I liked him. So I did. I also drew -- I blush -- a picture of us dancing at the bottom. This is embarrassing enough already, right? It gets worse: twenty-four hours after I gave it to him, our entire campus was plastered with Xerox copies of it. It had all been an evil plot concocted by not-very-nice boy's purely evil buddy.

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