Thursday, September 23, 2010

YA Authors You Need to Read: Andrew Auseon

This article first appeared on the examiner on July 8, 2010.

Andrew Auseon was born on July 12, 1976 and is exactly 1 year and 6 days younger than his biggest fan (the Albany Young Adult Fiction Examiner). The awesome Auseon (it had to be done) has his Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College. When he’s not writing YA novels he works as a narrative designer for video games. Auseon currently lives in Baltimore, MD with his wife and two daughters.

“Funny Little Monkey” is Auseon’s first novel and was released in 2005. It’s the story of twin brothers, one of whom is really small and one is really big, and their twisted relationship in high school. Read a review here.

Auseon followed up “Funny Little Monkey” with “Jo-Jo and the Fiendish Lot” in March 2009. The book is an immensely creative and imaginative look at life after death. Auseon really delivered with this book and it is no surprise that a screenplay is in the works. Read a review here and here.

Next, Auseon teamed up with filmmaker David O. Russell and released “Alienated’ in October 2009. “Alienated” is a middle grade novel about teen boys who run a weekly tabloid about that aliens hiding among humans in Santa Rosa, CA. Russell is currently developing “Alienated” as a major motion picture.

Auseon’s newest novel for teens is “Freak Magnet” and was just released in June 2010. “Freak Magnet” is a “tale of love, loss, and lucky signs.” Look for a review here.

For more information about Auseon, check out his website, facebook page, and twitter.

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