Sunday, September 26, 2010

Speak--Laurie Halse Anderson

From the Vault
This review was originally written--handwritten no less--in November 1999 before the Age of Blogs. I'm not editing it at all because I don't believe in tampering with history. For other old reviews, click on the "From the Vault" tag.

In honor of the "Speak"controversy, I've found my handwritten review originally written in November of 1999. I  haven't edited it at all:

Summary: Melinda begins her freshman year in high school alone and friendless because of an incident at a party the summer before. She must learn to accept the truth of that incident and tell others the real truth before she can begin to heal.

Critique: I shouted the title in my mind as I read and watched Melinda sink further and further into depression. It was gripping and realistic. I felt like I was there, watching a friend slip away and not be able to break through to her. I felt as much relief as Melinda did when she finally does Speak.

Recommendation: yes.

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