Friday, March 02, 2018

Once and For All--Sarah Dessen

Title: Once and For All
Author: Sarah Dessen
Publisher: Viking, 2017
Pages: 356 p.
Source: Library Ebook
Compensation: None
Read: July 2017

Sarah Dessen’s Once and For All
Louna is spending the summer after high school graduation doing what she's done for years--helping her mom in the wedding planning business. Although she works in the business of "love" Louna is becoming more and more cynical about relationships and romance and true love. Despite her mom's unhappy divorce and jaded outlook, Louna wasn't always this way. She had one perfect night with the perfect guy and hope for the future until it was stolen from her during a school shooting. Ever since then Louna has refused to date anyone, refused to get close to anyone, thinking that she'll never have a chance to get another perfect night. Enter Ambrose, the son of one of her mom's clients. Louna is sent to track him down when he's late for his own mother's wedding and she's strangely drawn to him despite his annoying optimism. When her mom decides to give him a job to keep him from annoying her newest client (his sister), Louna thinks she's crazy. But Ambrose grows on her and she realizes that she can't cut herself off from life forever.

Have I ever read a Sarah Dessen book that I didn't like? Nope. I have not. I always care about the characters, I always sympathize with the situations, I always want to continue reading. I'll be honest, I don't remember plot points years later. I remember characters and when they pop up in later books I have to go back and read my past reviews to jog my memory as to who they are and what they did. But that's ok. Because when I'm reading a Sarah Dessen book I am fully immersed in that world. If you're a Sarah Dessen fan, you won't be disappointed with her latest offering.


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