Monday, January 30, 2017

Star of Deltora: Shadows of the Master--Emily Rodda

Title: Star of Deltora: Shadows of the Master
Author: Emily Rodda
Publisher: Kane Miller, 2016
Pages: 165 p.
Source: Purchased
Compensation: None
Read: July 2016

Disclaimer: I chose to buy this book and review it on my own. This review has NOT been paid for, but I did receive a 25% commission for purchasing the book through my Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant business.

Emily Rodda's Star of Deltora: Shadows of the Master

Shadows of the Master is the first in a series about a young girl desperate to be a trader like her father. Traders are sailors that explore different lands and trade the goods found there. Unfortunately for Britta she cannot reveal who her famous trader father was because he disgraced himself searching for a mysterious object. Britta has been living in hiding ever since, but when she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to compete for a position on her father's old ship, she knows she has to go for it.

I really enjoyed this quick fantasy novel. Britta is strong and brave, but not perfect. At times she is completely oblivious to things happening right in front of her. I was intrigued by the whole trading lifestyle, as well as the mysterious magical elements of the King in the Shadows watching her. Full of adventure and a bit of suspense, Shadows of the Master was enough to entertain both my nine year old daughter and me.


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