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Lady Midnight--Cassandra Clare

Title: Lady Midnight
Author: Cassandra Clare
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry, 2016
Pages: 720 p.
Source: Library e-book
Compensation: None
Read: March 2016

Cassandra Clare's Lady Midnight

Oh, the FEELS.

I am officially proclaiming my membership in the Shadowhunter fan club. I wasn't sure how I would react to this book... I am a Jace/Clary fan and I found the Emma parts of the previous series to be a bit distracting. So I went into this new series a little hesitant. I mean, I knew I would read it, but would I love it? Would I respond to Emma the way I did to Clary?

I'm getting ahead of myself though.

Lady Midnight takes place five years after the events in City of Heavenly Fire. The Shadowhunters are trying to recover from Sebastian's treachery and the Dark War. 17 year old Emma is still trying to recover from the murder of her parents--blamed on Sebastian although she doesn't believe it--and bent on revenge. Afraid that she would be taken from the only family she's known, she agreed to be parabatai with Julian Blackthorn when she was just 12 years old. Julian's father was also killed during the Dark War and even though his Uncle has legal custody of him and his 4 siblings, Julian is the one who really takes care of both the family and the Institute. 

As parabatai, Julian and Emma have a sacred bond. One that prohibits romantic love. This isn't a problem until a series of events occur that push the two closer together. The Clave has laws that seem unjust and unnecessary, but sometimes their laws really are intended to protect Shadowhunters. But for Emma and Julian, it might be too late.

At the same time Emma and Julian are dealing with forbidden love, dead bodies have been turning up with cryptic writing on them--just like the writing found on Emma's parents. Some of the bodies have been fairies, so the Wild Hunt makes a bargain with the Blackthorns. If they investigate, they will release half-fey Mark Blackthorn from his service to the Wild Hunt and allow him to choose his own fate. Mark has been gone 5 human years, but countless fairy ones, so his transition back to the family is not as smooth as the younger Blackthorn siblings had hoped.

There are twists and big plot reveals that I am trying very hard not to spoil. It is going to be quite difficult waiting for the next book!

So, yes, I did fall in love with Emma and Julian. I did get swept up in the story and invested in their futures. Fans of the Shadowhunters will love this one as well. Those unfamiliar will want to read the earlier books. Although this is Emma and Julian's story, our favorites do make tiny cameos. Clary and Jace, Magnus, Jem and Tessa. Others are mentioned as well giving us updates on characters from the other series. I can't wait for the next one!

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