Monday, February 15, 2016

Rogue--Mark Frost

Title: Rogue
Author: Mark Frost
Publisher: Random House, 2015
Pages: 368 p.
Source: Library e-book
Compensation: None
Read: January 2016

Mark Frost's Rogue
At the end of the last novel, Will West discovers that the old man he has been interning with is actually his grandfather and his grandfather is not only in league with the bad guys--he's in charge. Forced to make a tough decision to save the people he loves, Will pretends to go along with his grandfather. He works "undercover" as a dutiful grandson learning about his family legacy, all while building a plan to end the Other Team's nefarious plot to take over our world. Will is not alone in his work. Trusted friends Ajay, Nick, Elise and Shaman/cross country coach Jericho all assist him in his most daring plan ever--to break into the Never-Was, rescue good guy Dave, and save the world from the bad guys (humans and demons).

This final novel is a non-stop action ride. While a lot of the second book was surveillance and information-gathering, this one is one battle after the next. The majority of the story takes place in the demonic realm, the Never-Was, and is appropriately full of monsters and supernatural events. Will and his friends are able to use more of their new-found powers. The Paladin Prophecy dipped its toes in the supernatural, but Rogue is fully immersed in it. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy. I would have liked just a bit more with Dave and the Hierarchy, but I was satisfied with the ending of this series. (Although a short story featuring Dave would be pretty awesome. And if there is ever a movie made he should be played by Jason Statham). Fans of action packed adventure stories will not be disappointed.

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