Saturday, August 14, 2010


You might have noticed some changes around here. I've added links to my examiner articles over to the right (go on and read them, I'll wait). I've also added some new widgets from Amazon... because I am now an Amazon Associate. I *think* what that means is that if you need something from Amazon and you get there from my blog then I'll get a tiny percentage. I'm not 100% sure if it only counts for the books I review or you could buy anything you want. If you're familiar with how it works feel free to comment and correct me!

I also changed my About Me over to your left... My big kid is starting 1st grade, my medium kid is starting preschool, and that leaves me with just my little kid (before the next one comes along). So I think I can devote a bit more time to this (and the examiner) and not do sucky reviews anymore. To that end, I will now accept donations from up and coming authors. I HATE writing negative reviews because I always feel bad for the author which is why I always refused donations before. But if you're an author trying to get your book out there and you promise not to cry if I don't like it then I will give you a fair shake.

I hope to have some giveaways and fun things like that and get some more followers and try to reclaim a little of my pre-baby standing in the book review world.

I'm an Amazon Associate now. If you click on the links for the books I review I might make a tiny bit of money.

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