Monday, July 27, 2009

The Unnameables--Ellen Booraem

Medford Runyuin is a typical 13 year old who feels like he doesn't fit in or belong to his society. Unfortunately for him belonging in this society is CRUCIAL. Medford lives on an Island where everything, even the people, is named after its use--and anything without a use has no name and cannot be trusted. Carpenters are called Carpenter, Farmers are called Farmer and children are able to choose which of their parents names/trades they wish to pursue. Medford has an uncertain future because of his unknown past. He washed up on the Island and was taken in by a carver and his wife. Although he works with the carver the town is not quite sure whether he can live up to the Carver name. Medford's guilt over secret feelings about unnameable objects has him unsure of himself as well.

This was an entertaining read and a good commentary on art for art's sake. There's humor--one of the main characters is a "goatman"--as well as fantasy and would be good for middle school readers and older.

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