Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just Listen--Sarah Dessen

Title: Just Listen
Author: Sarah Dessen
Pages: 371 p
Publisher: Viking
ISBN: 0670061050

Annabel is a 17 year old girl with a lot of secrets. She doesn't see them as secrets, she just doesn't want to risk telling the truth and hurting someone's feelings. So she tells little white lies to make people feel better and supresses her own feelings. Until she meets Owen. Owen is brutally honest--because he has to be. If he's not honest he has anger problems and winds up punching people in the face. Being honest allows him to control his anger. They strike up a friendship and eventually a romance and help each other be better people.

I'm really not doing the plot any justice with that summary, but I'm somewhat tired and sick and groggy. I love Sarah Dessen, I always have. This one is no exception. It felt somewhat different from her previous stories-in a good way. I was dismayed at all the tiny editing problems--little words that were missing like "a" or "to"--but that's the editor's fault not really the author's. I devoured the book in 2 days and am ashamed to admit that I ignored my son during snack time so I could read it and wound up with crackers on the floor. But I just couldn't stop reading. Like the other Dessen books there's more than just a romance, there are family issues and friendship issues as well.

I'd recommend it to Dessen fans as well as junior and senior high girls. I think it might be a bit much for middle school kids.

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Anonymous said...

This was a delicious read! I ate it up, it was so satisfying! I am actually an 8th grader, but I enjoyed it immensely! It was captivating from the get-go. I basically attached it to my hand (which isn't wonderful, due to the fact that my teachers didn't appreciate my constant reading). My friend read it and lent it to me! I am eternally grateful to her, because this book was thoroughly rad! I would recommend this piece to anyone who is anyone! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well i have not finished the book yet, becuase i can only read it at school, in my english class... i have been begging my mom to buy it for me..when i read it, i cant put it down! I'm right around the part when she is giving Owen a ride home.... i have a lot more to read but i know that i am hooked...


Anonymous said...

ummm yeah im a feshman and i read this book for a test and got the Q's all right so was a very good book, i knew that annabel and owen were going to be friends and then fall in love type thing, i knew it when she sat down and it mentioned him and how he got in the fight and how everyone is afraid of was a good book. i enjoyed t alot and im not even a reading type of girl so yeah it was that great.

Netherland said...

This book was amazing. Before, Annabel Greene never stood up for herself. She did modeling for her mother, but she's always wanted to quit. It was a hobbie that she could do to forget about the hardships in her life, like her anorexic sister who has brought the family down or how her friendship ended bitterly with her best friend Sophie. but her life changed when he met Owen Armstrong. Owen was a huge, lonely, muscular guy who was passionate about music. He encouraged her to standup and believe in herself. This book was an inspiration to me. It has helped me to becomme a better person and i've learned more about myself.

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