Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Last Universe--William Sleator

Susan and Gary have always known their huge garden was a little odd--Gary has embraced it while Susan has feared it. Forced to take her invalid brother to the garden everyday, Susan resents the demand on her time, as well as being forced to go to the spooky garden she has never liked. But the more Gary goes in to the garden--particularly the Quantum maze--the stronger and better he feels and Susan is obligated to make her brother well. The Quantum maze sends the siblings to other universes--parallel universes--some of them better and some of them not.

This was a real freaky book. The ending completely threw me off. I liked it--I want to know more about Quantum and whether or not the science in this book is "real." Remember that show Quantum Leap? It all makes sense to me now.

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Asha XoXoluv4life said...

I just read it for a book report that's due in just a few days. I'm only 11 and I thought it was a GREAT book with a VERY surprising ending! =D

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