Saturday, May 15, 2004

Whale Talk--Chris Lynch

Our last teen book group discussed Whale Talk by Chris Lynch the other night. While I did like the book, we agreed that it seemed a little unrealistic. The way things all fit together seemed a bit contrived, and I just couldn't get past the fact that the social worker would place a little girl in a home knowing that the father had a history of violence with the people in that home. I know that the girl needed to see another mixed-race person, and it was good for TJ, but I just don't think that would happen in real life.

I enjoyed the sports part of the book, but like most of Lynch's work, the sports is just a backdrop to the bigger story. He is effective that way--keeping readers interested who may not be interested otherwise. I liked TJ as a character, and I liked his relationship with his parents. The ending was somewhat of a shock to me. I wasn't expecting or anticipating it. Which I suppose is good writing.

I have loads of pregnancy books to read and Top Shelf books as well, so that's what I'll be concentrating on next. I don't have another book group until January (!), so it looks like it's Top Shelf reading for me. I'm on hiatus from reviewing for VOYA until both Top Shelf and my pregnancy is over. I doubt I'll have much time for fun reading. Unless Coping with Pregnancy and Working is considered fun...

Just Finished Reading: Whale Talk--Chris Lynch
On My Nightstand: Prophecy of the Stones--Flavia Bujor; Loads of pregnancy crap.

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