Saturday, April 03, 2004

A Different Kind of Beauty--Sylvia McNicoll

Here are my choppy notes for my latest top shelf rejection:

Girl raises guide dogs and gives them up. Obsessed with wrong boy. Older sister pregnant, split up with alcoholic boyfriend and moves back home

Boy is diabetic, goes blind. Angry, resists help. Hates dogs. Winds up in hospital twice--gets drunk and goes into some kind of diabetic coma; gets hit by car walking after dark. Obsessed with wrong girl.

Boy meets girl and dog, instant dislike on both parties. Naturally, boy winds up with girl's dog as a guide dog. Hint of possible future romance--boy wants to keep girl in dog's life.

Good, but nothing great. Nothing special. Not Top Shelf. Doesn't stand out. Not best of the best.

Just Finished Reading: Duh
Reading: Don't know yet.
On My Nightstand: Truth About Forever--Dessen, whatever I bring home today.

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Super Happy Jen said...

I don't know what you're talking about. This book kicks a$$!

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