Preschool Program

What I Can Offer Your Preschool

  1. Order Only Book Fair
    1. Small Display (Books can be used during circle time)
    2. Order Forms
    3. Set up during Open House or other special event parents attend
    4. Attached to an E-fair for online ordering
  2. Flyers
    1. Monthly tied to particular preschool themes (with advanced notice)
    2. Seasonal (four times a school year)
    3. Order online
  3. E-Fair
    1. Link can be used for purchases throughout the year
    2. Link can be shared on websites and facebook pages
    3. Personal ordering can be done through the link
    4. ALL purchases through the link count for the minimum sales.
  4. Free Book Rewards
    1. 50% in Free Book Rewards are earned when sales reach $250 ($125 in FREE BOOKS).
    2. Cash in once at the end of the school year (if sales minimum is met) or as soon as rewards are earned.
  5. The Educational Services Representative does all the work
    1. Orders are taken by the EC (or online)
    2. Payments are made to the EC (cash or credit) (or online)
    3. Books are delivered directly to parents
    4. Flyers are made by the EC
    5. There is no ordering, sorting, delivering, dealing with late payments or any work required by the Preschool Teachers or Parents with the exception of enthusiastically using the books during lessons.

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